Sunday, February 28, 2010

To Write or Not to Write

To write or not to write. To be or not to be. Eternal questions, no answers. Especially the things that you consider could become controversial. A little controversy is inherent in a writer’s life, but have you thought of violence against writers, journalists, how it has been occurring frequently of late, of this sort? I know one should be fearless about opinions and thoughts. Writing, as I am the final chapters of my new novel, I am beset with these doubts.

But silence is the resort of cowards and fools. So one braves on valiantly, pen in hand, no fingers to keyboard, though the shoulder refuses to co-operate. There’s pain and the pain should be overcome. There’s Yoga which I do as a palliative, but the pain returns in the morning, on waking up, then it subsides.

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ms said...

i saw a youtube offering the other day which had a panel of 3, shashi tharoor was one of them, and the topic was freedom of speech. and one panelist, i forget his name, mentioned the first amendment and what it means. he said something really interesting, that it is seldom the govt that is trying to muzzle writers and reporters, it is actually a group of people who are enforcing their own views and control over others. so our freedom of expression is in danger from certain individuals or communities who take offence if we don't mirror their way of thinking or life. the recent uproar in karnataka against tasleema nazreen is such a shock. when did the regional identity of this state change to have this sort of bigotry?