Friday, February 19, 2010

Hm… My Adword Experience Today!

(Sorry those who can't understand the Adword mumbo-jumbo. Please ignore this if this sounds too technical.)


Rejoice! That's what did when I got a free coupon to use Adword advertising worth Rs 2500. But when I go thither, I find that though the deadline is February 28, I am told that the validity of coupon has expired.


I write a fairly detailed complaint on Adword support. I want to try out the full power of my Adword account. The following is what I get by email, through a link, obediently.


"Thank you for providing feedback about the AdWords product. While we won't be able to respond to your feedback personally, we'll make sure it reaches the appropriate team. Please note that if you have a question regarding your AdWords account and need help, please contact us via the 'AdWords Support' link in our AdWords Help Center at":


So all my effort to give the situation some clarity went for naught. Hm… I go to the link to find this:


"On Saturday, February 20th, 2010 the AdWords system will be unavailable from approximately 10AM to 2PM PST, for maintenance."


It's only 19th, it's a Friday today, I shake my head and check again, yes, Friday, not Saturday, so it can't be maintenance time. So what's the problem?

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