Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So It's Official; Indian Actors Don't Act; They Only Show Muscle!

So it’s official. I just heard it from the idiot box and therefore it must be official. So my mind unwillingly comes to the conclusion of a fact that has been worrying me for a long, long time. Ah, now I know it is official and can relax. I should have closed the television and done some writing instead. Such was my huge disappointment.

The interview happened a few minutes ago on Star Television. And the worthies being interviewed were Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. And the interviewer, a bearded chap asked them the following questions:

“Salman, as an actor, whose body is the best? Shahrukh’s, yours, Hritik’s?”

Can you believe he asked this stupid question? Can you spot the anomaly, the execrable truth hidden behind these word? “As an actor,” the worthy star is not being asked whose acting is best. He is being asked whose body is best.


And then there followed a long harangue from the actor about Hritik Roshan’s body and Salman Khan’s body. And then this question followed:

“Katrina, as an actor, whose body is the best? Shahrukh’s, Salman’s, Hritik’s?”


Can you believe he asked this question? Yes he did. Again an actor is not being asked “as an actor” whose acting is best but, whose body is best. I am now grinning with satisfaction at having got something to hack about on my blog tonight, something so incredulous I am grinning as I write this. I can’t control my face from twitching, my hands from trembling.

After all, it’s official. Indian actors can’t act, and don’t care about acting. They are only bothered about who spends time in the gym toning their bodies and who don’t.

And therefore it is official. Who says? I say so, Star TV says so. Indian actors aren’t on screen to show their acting skills, but the size of their pectoral and their bulging biceps.

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