Thursday, November 27, 2008

Live Blog: Mumbai under Siege VIII

8.30 p.m.

A big fire at the Oberoi hotel. A taxi driver came to VT to see off his family which was going to Patna. He told them to go ahead, and parked the taxi and came back to see that they were no more. His name is Ansari. His entire family of six is wiped out.

Just a few hours before Hemant Karkare died he gave a statement to Aaj Tak about the Malegaon case wherein he said "We will wipe out terrorism of any nature be they Muslim or Hindu". Six hours later is dead. Talk of paranormal and the occult. When he heard about the terror strike today he immediately went to Cama Hotel. There a terrorist shot him dead in the vehicle in which he was traveling. 

It is obvious that the security forces are going to initiate an operation to release the hostages soon. I wonder how the terrorists are able to hold on so far, do they not need some sleep? What about the hostages. They must be dead tired and traumatised. Will time heal their wounds, I don't know. Sorry, for being mushy, I can't avoid it. Meanwhile the television is having one of its endless breaks. Be back soon!

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