Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gitouttahere, Nikalja Pathli Galli Se....

Seven out of Ten Young People Voted for Obama

Fond as we are of rants and rantings (what with us doing the ranting, well, mostly) we found the following rant rather amusing one, coming from the conservative Republican Alex Rosenwald. He writes thusly:

"Just how broad and pervasive mass media propaganda favoring the Left actually is has not been adequately aired. And it’s not just the news media; it is every medium extant, from the “Idiot Box” to the silver screen to the CD and I-Pod, and even the burgeoning Internet. In short, there is an outlet for every audience for this propaganda—and the left is in control of virtually every venue. Comedy Central puts out their crew of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. MTV. Music. Movies. Television. Even more so than the news media, pop culture reaches the masses. The people can just ignore the news, but pop culture is everywhere. For the younger generation, who grew up with nothing but pop culture, there is, in fact, no other worldview.

"Conservatives clearly have their backs against the ropes. And if they expect to survive in some politically viable form in the coming decades, they’d better step up and start swinging. In the euphoric electoral victories of 2002 and 2004, many Republicans pretended that the nation had been politically realigned—and that conservatives would be in control of government for a generation. This clearly has not come to pass.

"And here is why: 7 out of 10 young people voted for Barack Obama, and that trend only needs to persist for a generation or two before the left has one party control over all facets of government."

Big deal, huh? That 7 out 10 young people voted for Obama means the next generation will have one party control over government. As the Beverley Hill Cop character Axel Foley is fond of saying, "Gitouttahere," and Anthonybhai would say in Hindi, "Chal, nikalja pathli galli se, nahi tho...."

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