Thursday, November 27, 2008

Live Blog: Bombay Under Siege VI

5.15 p.m.

"Media Karmi" I learn this new word from NDTV. Or, is it Media Karmchari? The meaning? Media worker. So, why not "Madhyam Karmachari" or is it too thick for the thick tongued anchors of the networks. But they seem glib enough. Why am I so irritable today, eh? Thick black smoke billows from a fourth floor room in Hotel Taj, and there is fire inside the room. Red tongues of fire leap from the window. There was a big explosion inside the hotel, may be, a grenade going off. And "boom" the light goes off in my flat. 

I can blog so long as the battery in my laptop lasts, but that is not long enough. So I will take a break and go for a walk at the nature park nearby. I need to unwind after the tension of watching all that television and typing at breakneck speed. Don't I? 

See you again soon, hope the power, by which I mean electricity, returns by then.

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