Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who Pushed Whom?

This is how I commute to work every day. The train is crowded, there is no space to breathe, there are hands and bodies pinning me from every side, I hold on to the dangling straps for life, if I lean too much to the right side I will get dirty stares from the man on the right, if I lean left, ditto. There are fights about who pushed whom, which is like a chicken and egg conundrum.

You pushed.

You pushed.

You pushed.

You pushed.

And so on it goes back and forth, back and forth, till it’s time to get down, which means another round of fights, which I think should properly be settled with boxing gloves, not with words.


jayanta deka said...

Who is not facing this problem... Overpopulation and lack of proper public transport had made life hell... in fact in big cities the case is too worse...
People made people... but who will handle the overpopulation..?

a good point to make overall...


John said...

I think it is overcrowding in cities that is responsible. But there's no solution in sight. The authorities should consider staggering or something such.

Thanks for the comment!