Friday, September 26, 2008

Feverish, as I type this....

Feeling feverish, so called in sick today. Whole body aches, eyes
watery, mouth furry, no, not that again, I mean malaria. This monsoon
was bad, had tazken care so far to not fall sick, but here I am with
the sniffles once again. Can't help it.

Yesterday, on way back from work at VT station, as I was ascending the
steps leading to the platforms from the subway, a man, a sick man,
passing diagonally, sneezed full on my face. I felt violated, unclean,
could feel his spit on my face, the violating wetness....

Still retch thinking of it, the poverty of it all, perhaps he didn't
have a hanky to cover his mouth when he sneezed, he could have used
his hands, but he didn't have the sensitivity to appreciate another
man's space, not to violate it thusly. The twerp!

Now look what you have given me you uncouth, uneducated twit, but is
he only to blame, I see people sneezing on other peoples' faces and
not even apologising in that bastion of middle class morality called,
'First Class Local ompartment.' No wonder we are a nation of
communicable diseases....

Sniff, sniff....

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