Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MTV - Reality Check in Order

And on MTV Veejay Cyrus (not that Cyrus who got almost pitofied in MTV Bakra) sloshes coffee over a bewildered employee, pushes a guy who is peeing in the toilet from behind. I found it very objectionable. In this country employees also have rights, and can’t be treated as doormats, competent or not. And most atrocious of all: one of his employees, a girl, says, “He is a bit mad.” A bit, madam? Excuse me?

I don’t think it is funny, no, not at all. A boss who ill treats his employees has to apologise to him/her and is not fit to be a boss. This sort of behaviour should also not be shown on national television when all age groups are watching. MTV should also apologise. I think MTV and VTV are going over the edge with their risqué styles of programming. What are they grabbing at?

And this reality television is also over the top for me. What reality are they showing, petty girls’ hostel type of bitching and back biting? Show some real stuff, take them to the jungle or a deserted island (something like “Survivors”), and ask them to survive against the capriciousness of nature. That would be more reality in my humble opinion.

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