Thursday, October 04, 2007

Social Networks: Mother of All Rumors

This is the mother of all rumors (he, he, remember Saddam fighting the "Mother of all wars"?). And, you read it here first, okay? ITBusinessedge's Ann All reports this about what Google and Microsoft are planning to do in the social networking realm (Social Networks: The Few vs. the Many - The Visible Enterprise. Excerpt:

"If you like rumors — and who doesn’t — Google is reportedly creating a monster mash-up called My World that will be a cross between MySpace and Second Life — though the details are vague (natch) and unreliable to boot, opines Datamation columnist Mike Elgan. Meanwhile, Microsoft is said to be angling for a stake in Facebook.)"

Being a networker myself, I love these rumors! And truth be told: I also write content for a social networking site. But then what would be the fate of existing social networks? The article says that instead of a few mammoth networking sites, everyone will have their own favorites. That mean the likes of Ryze (a favorite) will survive.

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