Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Sick Can You Get?

Funny thing happened. I saw something very provocative on Yahoo answer similar to what appears below (not verbatim!), thought of writing this blogpost, copied it, sorry, first reported it to Yahoo answers, and then came to post it here, and, damn!, nothing happened. The blasted thing didn't copy and, therefore, didn't paste.

So here's what provoked some bile secretion from my pancrea, or whatever produces bile, serotonin, whatever:

For girls only: What is the best two ways to insult a guy, when you really want to hurt him bad, and make him stay that way for ever.

My God! How sick can you get? No doubt, the net is full of mentally sick people such as the above. I guess young people call this "attitude." But this isn't attitude, dudes and dudettes, this is sickness in the mind. Go, get yourself examined.

Now for something that made the dopamine surge. When I went back, after having reported the above sick person's request for immediate medical help, Yahoo answers had (you won't believe this!) deleted the question altogether.

Good work Yahoo answers. Good that you are so vigilant about sickness on the internet. Let's keep it that way. Or, is it a programming interface, built into the coding of your page?

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