Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On Hugging Myself!

Among social networking sites my current obsession is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberger’s invention has so many little-little add-on programs added by other members like “Wall,” and “Super Wall,” and “Poke” and “Super Poke” and so on…. They have this unique feature of being embedded on your page, and in turn can be transmitted to your friends’ pages, and I am still experimenting and finding what it is all about.

And, oh, yes, you can support a cause, give a friend a flower, write a note and share it with friends, ad nauseum. These small-small programs can get so addictive that you don’t know how time passes, and your concentration is affected. It is also stupid at times. Consider this: I got a message “Someone hugged you” and I went to that program, all mushy (after all, being hug-worthy feels so good, sometimes, when you are so down and out about how you will survive the month till the next pay check), and hugged this mysterious person back.

That done! I go back to my page only to find this message at the top of my page: “You have hugged yourself!” What? Was I so lonely in this online community that I had to hug myself? God! It must have been some programming glitch by some novitiate, wet-behind-ear programmer. Grumble, grumble!

Off with that offending message. What will my online friends think?

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