Monday, October 22, 2007

More Shit on My Outsourcing Staircase Landing!

Interesting discussion on my this blogpost about outsourcing in India, the message board Shakespeare and Company, and my original blogpost on my ranting and raving blog is here!

I quote myself:

My question is "Unless you give them (outsourcing employees) comparable working conditions (on par with those in the US) and give them a career path they could follow, how will you know that they would stick around and make the new economy sustainable? How secure are jobs for oursourcing employees when they don't have even medical, social, and retirement benefits?"

Agree with Ravi and Avinash that outsourcing has moved service from nowhere to somewhere. But its the technological godzilla that has hauled service (kicking and screaming, I guess!) to the backoffices of Gurgaon and New Bombay.

The progress the world is making through the new economy of outsourcing is like a two-headed snake feeding on its other head. It's generating income from vanity products and feeding it to the offshoots of it's own vain manufacturing endeavors, while leaving a big section of the citizenry untouched by its benefits.



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