Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Korean Star Psy's New Album "Gentleman." Gentleman as Tyke

So Psy's new album "Gentleman" has received 82 million views on youtube. But if you see his video you will retch. His antics are anything but gentlemanly. In one obnoxious scene he gathers his fart in one hand and applies it to a woman's face; in another he pulls the chair from under another woman. We won't detail all the ungentlemanly behaviour here, but, will vouch - God be my witness - he is no respectable gentry in our opinion. He is a downright tyke.

That brings us to the question "Who is a gentleman these days?" We used to open doors and hold it for women in our days, but we don't see this done anymore. We used to open doors of cars for women. Ah! We were a different generation. A woman appreciates these gestures but Psy makes a woman fall from a treadmill, punches the wrong buttons on a lift, and, in general, acts every bit of an exasperating freak, We have seen the most uncouth men being adored by women and have wondered if this world is still a good place to be in.

So who made him a superstar with such an international following? We think the world is a sick place if they see his video "Gentlemen," or, buy the album for that matter. Don't get us wrong. This album stinks to high heavens and should be avoided. 

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