Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Delhi Rape and It's Aftermath

Rape. It's a crude four-letter word. And it happened again, in the national capital rocked by a violent rape just a few months ago, in fact, four months ago. The inspiration for this blog has been the esteemed Nilanjana Roy's article in The Hindu which appears here.

Now, admit this: rape and brutalisation has been happening for a as long as India existed, or even before, according to our friend Henry. It's only coming out now because some people became angry and made a big issue of it. He said this to us yesterday when we were on our routine Sunday evening walk. And, the first sentence of this post was also said by him. He pointed to a few youths disporting before us and said, "after two pegs these people become like animals." He should  know, he likes his drink. The youth of India, corrupted from the mindless sexual incitement they see in films and the media, want a part of the action. "If Shahruk and Salman can, why can' we?" Really? We ask, a bit incredulously. Yes, Henry replies, they are so vulnerable to what they see on screen, it is easy to incite them to any kind of violence.

Now, we have a simple solution to the rape problem. Let women police all women related issues. Recruit enough women so that half the police force consists of women. We have seen with our own eyes how women can enforce the law, and, how impartial and incorruptible they can be. (Now don't give us that lame excuse about: women can't do night shifts [yes they can, call centre women do], women can't run after thieves etc. How many pot-bellied policemen have you seen running after thieves, eh?) Let them enforce the law on rapes, molestation  dowry deaths and the like. Let these cases be decided by women judges. See what difference it would make. Can't Sonia Gandhi and her cronies do this much for the women of India? After all, she is a woman, isn't she?

That may seem like a rhetorical question. But we need answers if India should not turn into the rape capital of the world.

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