Monday, October 17, 2011

Sanjeev Bhatt Gets Bail

The way it is going in Gujarat, I don't know where things will be ten years from now. The latest is that Sanjeev Bhatt got bail after 18 days. The matter is of course sub judice so I won't like to comment. Why was bail delayed? Why did his wife have to write to the central home minister to intercede? Is a police office who wants to blow the whistle not likely to get bail? That would be deterrent to all police officers, in my humble opinion.

I am not much of a political person. So I don't comment much on political issues. All I do is wait and watch for the inevitable to happen. In the case of the state, how can the present chief minister claim responsibility for development and take it away from the industrious people of Gujarat. It has always been a state known for the hard-working nature and keen business sense of its people.

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