Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sad State of Superannuation

I am not in the ranting mode today. But I have been irregular of late and don't know what I should write about on the blog. Blogs are meant to be maintained, stupid. So maintain it. I am also tired after a journey, so will be brief.
What can be written? Let me see. Everytime wifey sends me to the market I get a shock. She sent me yesterday to buy cabbage, garlic, and tomatoes and it came to Rs 75. That money used to see my whole expense for a week back in the halcyon days of the eighties. Remember, Beatles broke up ten years before that? Of course, that has no relevance here. How is it that food prices are shooting up like this in an agricultural country? My outrage knows no bounds. No, I don't believe those who say inflation is all right. The government is giving away big salaries and pensions (around 60 per cent of our taxes go that way). But we, poor private sector folks, don't get any pension. A lot of people who find employment in the private are mostly not aware of the rules.
Of late, the thing about not having a pension has been worrying me. Though there is a superannuation scheme launched by the government how many companies implement it? These things come to mind because of the impending crisis of retirement. I have around six more years to go, yet, it worries me no end. Especially since I am not in favour of disposing of ancestral property. That is sacred. No touching that.
Well, I think government should implement superannuation for employees.

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