Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beware of Sweets You Receive as Gifts This Diwali!

Hm. What to say, but beware! Diwali, the festival of lights is upon us with its miasma of colours, lights, crackers that explode in the small of the night, showers of red, pink and green, sparklers, rockets, and such like. I like the season of gifting, of eating and lights. The lights are brilliant and almost every house is strung with blinking, winking lights, so resplendent in colours that one is transported into an out-of-this-world realm. It's the Indian time to be jolly as Christmas isn''t big in India, it's subdued, muted because it's the festival of a minority of christians (roughly 2 per cent of the population).

Hm. What was that "Hm" all about? Yeah, I am coming to it. Received some sweetmeat as gift yesterday. I was all praise for the gifter, actually a client. How considerate and kind! Went home and gorged on it seeing as it was full of dry fruits. Then the painful realisation came in the morning. The stomach felt distended, I felt queasy, kind of funny. Then it's been frequent visits to the rest room. Many visits and am still feeling funny in the stomach.

God! How can people gift infected sweets in this season of Joy. Absolutely insane, not to speak of being uncouth. I have my swords drawn for the client. How dare you poison me in the name of love?

Lesson: eat carefully this Diwali season. Season's greetings!

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Craftila said...

We had the same experience, when we ordered sweets for our company.