Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lemony Snicket on the Occupy Whatever Movement

Here's a rather thoughtful and gently humorous look by Lemony Snicket at the "Occupy ---- (whatever, just fill it in, folks, it could be landing on your doorstep soon)" movement that the world is in the throes of right as I key my rickety fingers this on my board.

Point 5 is a gem, a non-sequitur, nonetheless:

5. There may not be a reason to share your cake. It is, after all, yours. You probably baked it yourself, in an oven of your own construction with ingredients you harvested yourself. It may be possible to keep your entire cake while explaining to any nearby hungry people just how reasonable you are.

Rather brightly and inventively put, Lemony. Bravo. You're the guy, man. In India 90 per cent of the people live on the edge, starving. But their neighbour eating cakes will not share. All ministers of the present cabinet fantastically rich in the last 5 years. How? How did they get their cakes?

Meanwhile, here, Soutik Biswas of the Beeb examines whether India is in the throes of distress migration. Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner. What will it imply for the starving millions? I don't know. Will they get a bite of the rich neighbour's cake? Or, a bite of a karanja (an Indian sweet), at least?

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