Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vandals Have Struck, Ye Gods, and How!


It's the height of vandalism, it's the height of defiance of rules of civil living. Go anywhere in Bombay and you see tons of spit on all walls, on every corner, in every waste basket, in every laboriously painted and maintained wall. This is a disease our society suffers from, spitting all the time. The roads are full of spit and we dread to step on them.

We dread even to look at all the spit and the spitters. But the language and this piece of vandalism caught our eye and we captured it on our cellphone camera. The spit is aimed right at the mouth of the drawn face. With what precision! Amazing!

Anthonybhai is back from his vacation in Goa and what he says is, "Why can't the gormint provide proper spittoons for people to spit men, then, at least this ugliness on all our buildings can be avoided. Make sense, men? People should be taught to take care of the city's walls, after all, men, do you spit on the walls of your own house?"

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