Saturday, October 25, 2008

Driving Crazy in Delhi

If you haven't seen the way Delhiites drive, you haven't seen driving! Honest, they are like Formula 1 drivers, minus the helmets and suits, of course. Such aggression, such use of the senses, such reflexes, such energy, such anxiety to get home to loved ones and have a jalebi, laddoo, chas, lassi, tandoori chicken, or, sarson ka saag and makki di roti with them. So we were pleasantly surprised when we read the following article in Time Out .

"Tom Vanderbilt started out with a simple objective: he “wanted to hear what traffic has to say”. He realised that when drivers get on the road, “we are navigating through a legal system, we are becoming social actors in a spontaneous setting, we are processing a bewildering amount of information, we are constantly making predictions and calculations and on-the-fly judgements of risk and reward, and we are engaging in a huge amount of sensory and cognitive activity.” The way we drive not only reflects our personalities but is also a function of our cultural heritage, Vanderbilt contends. Read the full article."

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