Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tomorrow Is Dussehra, So New Bombay Is Awash in Flowers!

Dussehra is tomorrow and the streets of New Bombay are awash with flowers

"Diwali Dusera, hath pair pasra"

The above has been a favourite saying of ours since our childhood in the suburb of Chembur. The festival season is heralded by the offering of flowers, the doing of pooja on books and business accoutrements, and the burning of Ravana, signifying the death of evil. It is also the advent of the festival season, as Navratri comes to a close and the colours and lights and merriment of Dussehra and Diwali start. We look forward to the millions of lanterns, wicker lamps, blinking lights of all hues, and the giving of sweets to friends and relations. Our neighbours bring sweets and we would have to watch out for our sugar levels.


inhyderabadshop said...

Oh! colorful fresh flowers found in the blog and the I can say that the Dussehra is called the festival of the flowers, the colorful  and fresh flowers are garlanded for the Goddess Maa Durga, but in the blog no relevant festival content exists in the blog. I suggest the content is back-bone of any blog...........

John P Matthew said...

Thanks for your comment!