Tuesday, October 28, 2008

These Are the Seats on which We sit

The sagging seats in the First Class compartment of Central Railway trains on Harbour Branch. My book just sank in, and if I sit in the pits where my book now sits, I will be rewarded with a backache for the rest of my day.

Our this blogpost and the subsequent letter to Lalloo Yadav did receive one reply, i.e., from the Western Railway. I will scan and post the reply here sometime. The Dy. Chief Engineer (EMU) has replied with a detailed list of activities the Western Railway has been doing including:

1. Seats maintained every 21 days. Seat found defective due to opening of stitches, thread, torn rexine ect. are removed from the coach and suitably provided with rubberized coir cushions.

2. Doors are repaired for corrosion, roller assembly are replaced if found worn beyond 3 mm. All moving parts are greased before fitting them back on the door.

3. Window. There is a plan to replace aluminium windows by FRP unbreakable windows with the added advantage of lighter weight and lesser maintenance.

4. Lights/Fans: 100 per cent functioning of lights and fans is ensured by bearing change, commutator profiling, testing each fan on the test panel before fitting it back on the coach.

The letter ends with, "While all efforts are being made to maintain passenger amenity items in the overaged fleet of Western Railway, better amenities have been designed and provided in the newly introduced Siemens AC/DC rakes."

Good show Western Railway! We appreciate your reply.

However, Central Railway on which we are traveling right now has been lax in its reply. We haven't received your reply Central Railway, so please hurry up. Do you see the kind of seats on which we sit (if not, see picture)?

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