Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look Who's Blogging! Chuck Palahniuk!

Yesterday I stumbled on thee blog of the cult writer Chuck Palahniuk, he of the “Fight Club” fame, with thousands of young writers, just craving, yeah, just crrraaavvving to write like him. Know what I mean?

Here’s him crowing, rather, going gaga over 10 awesome movie monologues. Considering Brad Pitt was all incoherent monologue in “Fight Club” I wonder why he got hooked to monologues. Hmm, talk of subliminal influences.

"You see, I think I'm addicted to lists. Lists-making that is. 90 % of the time, these lists are on a post-it, and have such important tasks on them as, "Call Mom.." or "Need quarters for laundry..." or "Don't forget to bury the body!". So you can see that spread the gamut actually.

"But the other day at my film internship, while bored, I came up with this list!"

10 awesome movie monologues.

Considering his awesome talent, I cogitate, it is something worth looking at.

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