Monday, May 26, 2008

Harry Potter Actor Stabbed in London!

This piece of information will worry all parents of teenagers. It says the UK there were 14 teenage killings this year. Really? What’s the figure for Mumbai, nobody knows. (I did a search and didn’t get any results.) Ho, hum.

“On Tuesday Robert Knox, 18, completed his part in the forthcoming Harry Potter film, and was signed up for the next instalment. By Saturday morning he was dead, killed in a fight outside a bar in Sidcup, south-east London, after apparently trying to protect his younger brother.”

What’s to blame? Is it the violence and mayhem they see in movies, or something else bothering them? And, believe me Harry Potter movies aren’t saintly, peace-preaching movies either. It too is full of violence and malevolence.

A number of issues, thoughts about this crops up. The media is crying that the police should be vigilant about youths carrying knives. Delving into some personal reminiscence some personal experiences jump at me. A boy who grew up with me and who kept a knife at all times, has become the country’s leading crime boss, and he was inspired by the movie – Don.

And they say movies don’t inspire crime. That’s like Clinton saying, “I smoked but didn’t inhale.”

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