Monday, May 12, 2008

Facebook Facing Job Cuts? Sounds Familiar?

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobbs warns thusly about ex-Google honcho Sheryl Sandberg's job cuts at Facebook:

"Regular readers will remember that I recently warned Facebook kiddies to "be very afraid" because their new boss, ex-Google honcho Sheryl Sandberg, would soon begin thinning the ranks at Facebook: "Slowly, one by one, she will start picking you off. Like a predator in one of those sci-fi movies where people keep going missing."

"Perhaps you were wondering why ZuckerBorg has embarked on a one-month "Vision Quest" to India and other locales for "pleasure and contemplation"? Well now we know. The poor kid can't bear to be around when his pals start getting SandBorged. What a sweetie."

So they are facing job cuts even there in the US of A, and that too in Facebook. The scenario seems all to familiar for techies here back in India, what with job cuts in the .com bust companies, which are crumbling like a pack of cards.

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