Saturday, May 17, 2008

How Relationships Grow Cold

Reference this post of Pragya Thakur, moderator of Shakespeare and Company, I have posted the following piece about how sibling relationships grow cold and drift away into estrangement, coldness, and alienation. Do read and either comment here or on Shakespeare and Company.

A wonderful, thoughtful and delightful piece. So evocating that I thought of my relationships with my sisters and my brother who have drifted apart after our parents' death. The chasms have got so wide after this that I gave up whatever efforts I did earlier to phone, write and catch up. I remember, I was the one who was making all the effort and yet they were so unappreciative of it. I guess somethings will never change in sibling relationships. It's that way in all cultures. We grow up and we grow apart.

Sad isn't it? However, its with my childhood school friends that I have forged great friendships. As children we sat in the same classroom and as adults of fifty odd years of age, we still meet and remember those days. There is teasing, ribbing, remembering old teachers who passed away, but never any rivalry though we were rivals when we were small.

To each their own, is all I can say. With your brother the distance is coverable given that you were so fond of each other. Only the cobwebs need to be removed and a fresh new start made. But will we bother to do that? That's the big question.

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