Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Fun with Names!

The morning cuppa and a bit of conversation. A colleague mentioned how all those working for a company named Kale (black) were white or fair. Then followed a discussion about Maharashtrian names, almost as if out of the blue.

There was this guy named Kale (black) who was in love with a girl whose surname was Gorey (white). Both weren’t either black or white but in between. But Ms. Gorey’s father arranged her wedding to a Mr. Phatarphode (stone breaker), who was neighbour of Mr. Waghmare (killer of tigers). It seems Ms. Gorey was secretly in love with Waghmare’s son, and not with Mr. Phatarphode’s. It seemed that Ms. Gorey was meeting the young Mr. Waghmare privately. Whence Mr. Gorey insisted that she go and live with Undirmare (killer of mice) who is her brother-in-law, being married to her elder sister. Now Phatarphode, breaker of stones smelled a rat and confronted Kale, who agreed that Ms. Gorey had indeed gone to Mr. Undirmare’s, the mouse killer, and that once the affair had cooled he would arrange Phatarphode’s betrothal to Ms. Gorey.

As chance would have it, Waghmare and Phatarphode had a fight over Ms. Gorey when they met in the nearby vada-pau shop and had it not been for the presence of Doiphode (breaker of heads) Waghmare would have broken Phatarphode, the stone breaker’s head. Then as if by a happy chance of fate Waghmare and Phatarphode became friends and Waghmare was the best man at Phatarphode’s wedding.

So we colleagues had a good laugh at the happenstance of Ms. Gorey’s wedding to Mr. Phatarphode, which was also attended by Mr. Khare (Mr. Truth) the maternal uncle of Phatarphode and Mr. Khote (Mr. Lie) who was the husband of Mr. Kale’s sister. All’s well that ends well.

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