Sunday, December 23, 2007

मैं जिसे चाहता हूँ वो चाहती है किसी और को !

This another joke from the below mentioned annual day. It's so funny, I want to share it badly, or I will burst. The compere was such a zany and mad character and he kept an unending flow of jokes and shayaris to keep us engaged. Another one of his witty blank verses here in my bad Hindi:

मैं जिसे चाहता हूँ
वो चाहती है किसी और को
खुदा न करे जिसे वह चाहती हो
वह चाहे किसी और को


The one I love
Loves another
Oh God, don't let it be that the one she loves
Loves another

Ha, ha, ha... That's the mad circle of love, that Elton John sang about, poets have cried themselves to sleep about, writers have written copiously about. That's the magic of poetry and love. Hope you like it. Leave a comment if you do, and even if you don't.


Naked Cricket said...

Hi John,
Admit I had to read the English translation first to make (non) sense of the Hindi - It's a cracker of a sher, a Sher Shah of a sher! And the double matras on each Hindi letter made it even crazier. Circle of matras!
cheers, Gaurav

John said...

Hey Gaurav,

Thanks buddy! Yeah it's a gem of a sher, so unselfish, and so sweet. Thanks for the visit. Do come back again.