Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Modi Wins Gujarat Election, What Next?

And he won… I mean Narendra Modi. And many parts of the country will weep as many other parts will rejoice. What our founding fathers had seen as a unique experiment of building a nation lies in tatters, its ideologies trampled by the likes of the above-mentioned person.

I weep for the many who have not yet got justice after the Gujarat carnage, they never will. Modi’s victory is symptomatic of the rise of religious intolerance that pervaded ancient Europe and tore it asunder. Killings and persecution followed until the fundamentalists were overthrown by the Protestants with their liberal theological concepts. But here who will reform religion as the protestant reformers did? The only result will be a hardening of positions along the trenches between Hindus and Muslims.

I weep for the many communities who think they are part of the Hindutva bandwagon, but really aren’t. I guess the victory was fuelled by money than muscle. Religious zealots do not have an in between ideology. Their aim is not rapprochement but their own megalomaniac quest for glory. Many would die, and many would be cast aside without a voice to speak out their frustration. The voice of reason is stilled, and reason sleeps a serene and dazed sleep.

I know I am being a bit cynical here, but that’s what happened to Hitler’s Germany. When he was in his ascendancy he was acclaimed as a hero, a liberator who would rid the racially pure Germans of the Jews. But look what happened. And I weep to think that even an expose of the sort that Tehelka unleashed couldn’t dent the margin of his victory. Many people talked openly about the cruel atrocities that were perpetrated. Do we people have a conscience?

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Every one, including you, has a right of expression. Even if the expressions are idiotic.