Saturday, December 08, 2007

How Kerala Behaves With Women

Malayala Manorama (the largest-circulated Malayalam newspaper, of which this blogger was an employee not long ago) did a study on "How Kerala Behaves with Women" in which six of its women journalists farmed out into different parts of the state to study how Kerala treated its women. The findings can be seen here (How Kerala Behaves With Women), and are quite shocking and upsetting. Excerpts:

"Here are some of their experiences which came under collective bylines: On January 14, as soon as she boarded the general compartment of the Chennai ail at 3.30 pm from Kollam (about 70 km from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram), the reporter became the centre of attention. She was the only woman in the compartment and hands began reaching out to her from all directions. While she held on to a seat to balance herself, the passenger seated there decided to push himself back and rest his head on her hands. Those passing by made it a point to finger her, en route. Sensing danger, hurriedly she moved towards the door."

Despite hundred per cent literacy and a lineage of matriarchal families, Kerala, I guess, no better than other states of India. Just recently, a leading politician (a minister, no less, aaarrrrggghhh!) of Kerala was accused of molesting a woman sitting next to him on a flight. The woman complained to the police and the politician had to resign his ministership. Are women safe at all in God's Own Country?

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