Sunday, June 02, 2013

Cricket Shenanigans, and Other Equally Important Ones

About the cricket scandal that has the press in a tizzy, we have nothing much to say, except that we bitched about it in this post. People are waking up to the reality of corruption in sports, but we knew this all along, that something was wrong, as can be seen in this post, wherein we had highlighted that Srrinivasan's son Ashwin refused to pay for his drink and punched a cop. Therein we had also raised the issue of the BCCI chief being the owner of an IPL team which (IPL) comes under the ambit of the BCCI.

Well, what do you say about a son in law who goes amok in betting and a son who punches cops? Something seriously wrong Mr. President? Do we hear something about setting one's own house in order?

In India we give scant attention to our people in power and their misdeeds. We consider them as Gods, which is totally wrong. These people are human beings not gods. Why should they be allowed to act like owners of the institutions they manage? Powerful politicians have exploited this to the hilt as can be seen by the behaviour our union railway minister and law minister.

It's so sad Narayana Murrthy had to bail out Infosys, a company he had all but quit. What do these two isolated issues say about the state of Indian management, a subject on which there is ample punditry going around.

What on wonders is whether we are still a tribal society plunged into the twenty-first century. We wonder. We wonder what will happen next.

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