Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Rain that Won't Go Away

Our new umbrella, brolly, whatever.
It's been raining heavily in Bombay, a hard rain. But we are enjoying it like never before, The staccato drumming on the roof, the sudden sweep of water drops, the whisper turning to an insistent drumroll, the sudden chill and humidity. We love the rain as never before.

We bought this huge umbrella which gives enough protection from the rain for Rs 400, we haggled all right. And we have been enjoying it's wide protection area in the past few days, taking a walk in the rain whenever it was coming down thick and fast, thick and fast, small rivulets falling off it magically, as if in a dream. The drops like lumps of uncut diamonds, the molecules that were formed at the beginning of life itself. Well, we like an umbrella rather than a raincoat. And we splashed some in the pools. Just the way we are. 

Now that we are home and not doing much, retired from all that corporate bullshit, we can afford to be spaced out, relaxed, whatever. Ever since our mother admitted us to "writing on ground" class we have been seized by the monster of time and things to cram. There has been no let up. Then came corporate targets, which we fulfilled but got nothing but a piddling pay cheque in the end. Is this all life is meant to be? 

No. Life is about more: listening to the rain, walking in pools of water. Try it.

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