Friday, February 15, 2013

Goodbye, Stubborn, Mulish Generation

The funeral is over. Finito. So passes away a generation. First my father, then my mother, than my father-in-law and then (now) my mother-in-law. 

A generation has passed away, a generation that has seen war, scarcities, famines, etc. A generation that held on to their jobs and never let go for thirty years or more. We, of this generation, weren't much patient. We valued our freedom more than anything and would quit at the slightest pretext of impending doom (all imagined, yes, all imagined). We were the fickle generation who didn't hold on. We were easily terrified by harassing bosses and strict parents. We didn't fight back like today's generation. We were the compliant ones, the ones who feared to rebel, the ones who were not like the mules our parents were and not like the bull terriers our children have turned out to be.

We respected our parents, and we, somehow, showed the same respect to our children. We obeyed both and realised the latter didn't need respect but a lot of counselling and understanding. History will judge us by what a world we have left for our children. No, we didn't create utopia, instead, we created: dystopia.

Goodbye, stubborn, mulish generation. You were the better ones.

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