Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Depressing Post, This Time about Mortality and "It Can Happen to You"

Sorry, this is a depressing post!

Mother-in-law died. There ends the last death of parents, I mean, mine and my wife's. I am so tired of travelling for deaths and diseases that I want to go away to ponder, contemplate, gloat over, my own. Yeah, my own. Meanwhile, I have never had a proper vacation during this times of stress. See, I am the old fashioned type. I guess the old generation has passed the mantle to us saying, "now it's your turn." Thoughts of your own mortality can be damn scary. The thought of being subject to the medical fraternity's paraphernalia of tubes and syringes can be even more terrorising. When you realise your own friends are all similarly affected by some malady or the other, you draw some comfort.

You meditate, do breathing exercises (Kapalbhati, Aulom-Vilom, etc) and walk for an hour each day to keep away afflictions. Yet, the thoughts of your own mortality haunts you, making you feel vulnerable. Our bodies are such tender delicate things. We do violate it often and then pay the price in our old age. Well, the maximum damage is done when we are young when we believe "nothing can happen to me" I am so healthy. But the body can surprise you, it can confound you with the way it can rebound on you. You are left with the feeling, "no this can't happen to me."

Well, it does and one has to pass on the baton. To the next generation.

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