Sunday, October 07, 2012

Watching Television, Hibernating towards Recovery

When you have surgery it's the recovery that is annoying, taking too long. Also the regimen of not moving to much - jerks can affect the wound - the medicines that follow, the palliatives, which I feel is my doctor being overcautious. I considered myself a healthy human being before surgery and now feel I am a bit wobbly. Just a little bit. May be, it will go a way as it has come. Now I am spending long hours in the swing on the terrace, hardly able to work. When I am on the net, it is on Facebook and Twitter. Now I wonder what I would have done without them.

I played around a bit on my guitar, but the notes all came out wonky. What was gained must have diminished in quality without practice. Damn! That reminds me. I mostly watch travel channels these days. I don't have the patience for movies. I heard a presenter on Travelxp channel saying, "the view is so damn beautiful." How can a view be damned and beautiful? That shows we use words without thinking, without weighing them. Earlier I saw the same presenter waving, literally brandishing, a knife at the person she was interviewing. She was in the process of eating a meal. Flash. Flash. Doesn't she know   it is bad manners to wave cutlery? I got scared viewing the programme.  

Today is the cricket T20 final. West Indies plays Sri Lanka. I am supporting Sri Lanka because I have visited the country and like its friendly people. I hope they win. So, cheer up people of Serendip, my favourite Indian Ocean island, I am with you Chris Gayle or no Chris Gayle!

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