Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ah! To Be Back Again!

A miracle happened. I went in for surgery fearing a lot of things. I am on the wrong side of fifty,and I have a few other problems which could complicate things. Mercifully nothing happened. What happened inside the operation theatre was miraculous. Doctor said my blood pressure was constant throughout, I never gave them any trouble and I didn't get afraid of their big machines. You know, you can get a fright from walking into an operating theatre: the big lights, the doctors in masks, some unknown language being spoken, the sound of huge machines monitoring pressure, the intense concentration of the doctors. Well, such like. And you lay supine, helpless, completely at the mercy of the men and women in masks. 

However, the doctor who did my surgery Dr. Vijay Kumar and the anaesthetist Dr. Lovina Bhatia talked -- and you won't believe this, joked -- about their vacation to Kerala. Ah, now Kerala is a favourite destination, being a denizen of that tiny state. So, I joined in the conversation when they were operating me (I was under local anaesthesia.). "Have you been to Munnar, lovely place." That was how light it was.

It was a miracle. Yes, miracles do happen. Now the dressing was checked yesterday and the doctor said I am progressing well and will be able to go back to my duties from Monday. I praise and thank the Lord for this. My wife and son stood by me like a rock and I am lucky to have good doctors, who laugh and joke through a surgery. 

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