Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway and Right-wing Extremism

Just another lazy sunday sitting on the terrace as I write this.
There's been disappointing news from Norway. Guess even the Christian
extremist groups are adopting terror tactics. Just how much of the
Bible do they know? It's as if they were trained to be ignorant of the
teachings contained in the holy books and to depend on their own
self-appointed teachers to spread violence and terror.

The problem is one of greed and sexual satiation. Greed and sexual
hunger leads man into a cul-de-sac where nothing matters except its
satiation. What happens in other religions also happens in
Christanity. People are promised riches in heaven if they kill people
in this world. It's a seemingly easy trade off, not very difficult to
enforce because of our own fraility. Churches are filled with people
who advocate mayhem and malevolence while Christ preached peace and
love. They said "right-wing extremism," which is what it is.

An American student who came to do a course in Pondicherry was
molested twice in a day. One by a guard in the hostel she was staying
at. What you taking? Right? Yes, a guard who was supposed to protect
tried to molest her. When she decided to leave the country because of
this incident she was molested on the way to the airport by the
rickshaw driver. Are we insane? Is this the way to treat a visitor to
our country? What image might she take to her country after the
incident. Oh God, I cover my face in shame.


Marisarivera N said...

Any extremism is bad, in every part of the world, in every part of a human mind- It leads to violence because violence is extremist in itself.

Jamesreegan05 said...


John P Matthew said...

Hi Marisa,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, any extremism is bad for humanity in general.