Sunday, July 03, 2011

Data Card Woes and Is It Rape Extortion?

Short take today. The laptop is behaving funnily. No. The Reliance
data card I mean. I get a good signal on the first floor and a bad one
on the ground floor. I didn't know a floor made all that difference. I
am not much satisfied by the service. And they are sanguine about
collecting their money. If you don't pay your bill they disconnect

There are workers doing some pre-monsoon-turned-post-monsoon work on
the house. Fixing things. They talk in a Bengali dialect, which I
listen to intently. But on the little I know of Bengali I don't
recognise much except "aschi". Dang. Meanwhile, they bang, bore holes,
bang with a sledge hammer while I suffer in silence. What else can I
do? I found dampness in the top floor after the first rain. So the
idea is to cover it to give a permanent sort of cover from the forces
of nature.

I saw some gruesome videos of police atrocities on Indian TV. I don't
know how they captured a group of policemen beating up a robbery
suspect, so mercilessly. The man was crying. He was held face down in
the air by the policemen, while their colleagues beat him with a stick
and a whip. It's too gruesome to be on the net, how come it landed on
national television.

It's surprising how people are getting out of murder and rape charges
so easily. Look at the Maria Susiraj and Shiney Ahuja cases. I am sure
both will come out as celebrities and land reality shows after their
acquittal. Also see about Strauss-Kahn affair. Is it that people are
alleging rape to extort money or is it a figment of my imagination? Is
it a failure of the prosecution or is it shameless extortion. I don't
know. I am confused.

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