Friday, July 08, 2011

Mrs. Frank Sinatra (Blue Eyes) Writes Her Biography

Blue Eyes, that's Frank Sinatra, has a wife who is known as Lady Blue Eyes, who in turn is Barbara Sinatra. Now, Barbara has written what is termed here as a "nuanced" portrait of her husband whose blue eyes women found irresistible. Don't know if the account is as frank as it is made out to be.
The hard-drinking, womanising Frank knocked on her bedroom door (ergo: they slept separately) at 5 a.m. one night and when she asked "who is it?" replied "Your Italian lover." This and other anecdotes form a part of the book referred above.
I am not a great fan of Frank Sinatra nor of the yodelling kind of singers of yore including Slim Witman and others. I find them boring. But I like Elvis though. But they were the swingers of an era gone by and a look at their lives is worth mentioning. So this post.

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