Monday, December 21, 2009

The Truth about Copenhagen

Have you noticed? It's difficult following the talks on climate control in Copenhagen. Damn difficult. Nobody knows what the new norms of emission are. All we know is Obama got together some face saving compromise. Which is? Will it save mankind? Nobody knows.

The world media is not like it was before. There is misinformation everywhere and people, especially journalists, aren't asking the right questions. Or those that do haven't been given the chance to ask them. We know Obama did some last minute accord, but nobody knows what. I surfed the net, perused the newspapers, and listened to bland talk on television by so-called experts. But the truth remains hidden as it always has been. Yes, there are streaming videos of Obama, sound bites, audios, by the dozens, no, millions. But the truth is: there is no news on the accord on climate control from Copenhagen. That's the truth.

I should say it is frustrating that is happening when there's media here, there, everywhere, making shrill pronouncements but not being able to get facts. And to think I saw a documentary on National Geographic yesterday which stated that we would end this planet if we don't cut down on emissions. It's titled "The Big Melt". Go watch. It shows a graph where the carbon emission level takes a steep climb, and it doesn't seem to stop. Simultaneously, it shows scientists in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland measuring the amount of ice melting and glaciers retreating. They say if it continues all the ice could melt in a couple of years and the sea levels could rise by a few metres. The world is a beautiful place why do we want to kill it, steal it from our children? Why do we want to self-destruct it and leave it desolate with our greed? Well, I could go on.

That's goodbye to backwaters in Kerala, entire country of Maldives, Vietnam, large parts of Indonesia and could be even Bombay and New York (costal cities).

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ms said...

please don't be disappointed by copenhagen!! they went there to discuss global warming, so we have a lot of hot air and smog and hence , no clear view of what really transpired. they can't see clearly now that the haze isn't gone!! we have to make the changes ourselves, man! polish up this "jewel with the clowns"! i know the end is inevitable, but let us delay the demise by a few years. do not use plastic, do not cut down trees, save water (instead of hitting us with a fixed bill for water usage, have the bill amount reflect our consumption and have penalty for those who go over a set limit), ditto our electricity charges, penalise those who consume more than the daily allowance per household member. western countries always send a document which shows how much water and electricity a household of x number of people should use up every day - along with their bill. we should do the same. fancy apartment blocks guarantee 24 hr water and power supply. why? how will we curb the depletion of natural resources if we don't save any? no more cars, please. i will personally sue TATA for bringing about the nano. now china is doing the same. their millions of cyclists are now going to drive to work. a sign of progress. ah well, you want to save this world for your children. everyday, we lose species of flora and fauna, our animal sanctuaries offer dead and dying tigers, lions, leopards, birds. panthers are gone. what are you trying to save? an empty dead planet. no thanks. please take your litter with you when you leave - like the signs say in places of great beauty.