Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Copenhagen – “A First Step in Several First Steps”

Says Anu Jogesh from Copenhagen in this article in business.com:

"To me, it's the first step in a series of first steps over the last 17 years. Kyoto, which couldn't get the US on board, was a first step, Bali where any semblance of a global emission target disappeared was a first step, and Copenhagen where no country signed up is being seen as a first step."

Clearly shows there wasn't an accord. Why don't they realize that the environment not a single country's responsibility - not poor, not developing, not developed - but that of the entire earth, the whole jing bang world? The article also shows Barack Obama as an old man in 2020 saying, "I am sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change… we didn't." Exactly. The man won the Nobel Peace Prize not the Nobel Prize for Environment. They were supposed to reiterate the fact that the problem exists for the thousands of "nay sayers" who don't even believe that we are sitting on complacently on a powder keg about to explode, a boiler that is about to go, "boom." Guess, the leaders who were in Copenhagen didn't agree on cutting down on emission of gaseous carbon, but, instead, produced a lot of gas, ho hum, I mean of the verbal variety. No, not that, puhleeeze!

So be prepared to re-locate to higher ground, put on raincoats, wear bare minimum clothing (because of the sweating), cut hair closer to the skull (like some clones do) or wear a pony tail, which I am thinking of doing as I keep my hair rather long. From now the shadow is upon our children, we have robbed them of this beautiful world, a unique world, the only living, thinking world we know of in the universe, the only evolved culture and civilization we are aware exists, the only body of knowledge gathered scientifically and methodically, the only concept that worships a being bigger than them. From now on it's only extremes in this world: stifling hot or biting cold, drought or floods, riches or poverty, passivism or extreme fundamentalism, etc., etc., I could go on…. I will stop for now.


ms said...

the cattle of the world are going to save us!! they are going to discharge less methane, and save the world! from now on, they are going to survive on a diet of old newspapers, plastic bags and rags. all that yummy green grass and golden juicy hay is not on their menu anymore. see how the cattle in india live. since we cannot control the obnoxious emissions from our politicians, it falls upon animals to do their bit for the planet. no more crapenhagen summits, please! a new hole in the ozone opened up over europe during this summit!

John said...


that's a very provocative and well expressed thought. The cattle of the world are going to save us when politicians cannot.

Thanks for your comment :)