Monday, December 14, 2009

Sample of Modern Communication

I actually got this mail in my inbox. WTF? Is this the communication of the future? Must say brevity is the trend of the day, but such brevity?

this is anil xxxxx
my contact no. is xxxxxxx
i am forwarding u d proposal of d event.
if u like it pls reply here.
thank u. 

I hate to open the proposal and read. It is written by a college level student who wants sponsors for a theatre event he is organizing. Is this what is being taught in colleges? I wonder. Here's my reply:

Dis is Jm
I kno u r despr8 2 gt sponsor \_/< --- ship
but thr iz a way 2 ask no?
can u pls send me prpr request?


Alakaline said...

i 4 n i?

David Raphael Israel said...

You've articul8'd your thought most admirably. Such squishing of the written language is indeed a bit worrisome, even if somewhat understandable -- more or a less a direct consequence of shortcuts endemic to the culture of text messaging (overlapping with or, as here, bleeding into the realm of email communication).

Though one flinches, I find that I gradually flinch less. Perhaps after a decade, I'll not flinch at all. :-)


John said...

alkaline, yes eye for an eye :)

David, i don't mind using it in text messaging, i do it myself. but not in a formal communication.

Flinch, i do.