Monday, November 23, 2009

Writing a Novel Is Tough, Really Tough!

Writing a novel is a tough, difficult job. Apart from plotting there are the characterizations, the settings, the subject, the voice, the tone, the foreshadowing, the explication of ordinary things you understand but others do not, the picking up of the tempo, the organizing of the work, everything takes so much time. The most difficult part is organizing the work on your computer so that files don't get over written by the wrong versions and the one you open and edit is not the wrong one. If the latter, you undo all you have done in the past several days. I don't know why I have embarked on such a journey when I can sit back and watch television, or, spend more time on Facebook. No work needed for all this. I had committed myself to doing this and I guess I am right, if I have the will, and so on….

The market for the novel is drying up. So the last bastion of publishing (as we know it) is crumbling. Poetry is already dead, because nobody reads poetry, and publishers and literary clearly state, "We don't accept poetry," as if it is a pariah dog. If poetry – the most sacred of written arts, the most sublime of thoughts sifted through the sieve of experience – is given such shabby treatment, then what's the future of literature? Will it survive the onslaught of a mindless media – television – or a sea of irrelevant information – the Internet? I don't know the answers. Only time can suggest some answers.

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ms said...

john, there's good news and bad news. good news first: at the rate we are using up our natural resources and not safe-guarding our nuclear energy sources, there will be no power in the future, no power=no internet! so, books will be all we have for knowledge, informaion, entertainment, soul-regeneration. now the bad news: trees will be the first to go up in smoke, so the paper industry will be one of the earliest victims. so, write on, my friend. publish stuff online, do away with the middle-men (publishers, agents, editors etc... the bane of every writer. i still visit second hand book shops, salvation army stores and try and get the first editions of even james hadley chase!! what can i say, i love books and survive through reading.