Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama’s Men-only Obsession

Over at the white House, as New York Times reports in a front page article, the major crib is that Obama is surrounded by men, and not pretty female interns. A picture shows Obama trying to basket a ball, watched by awed cohorts. Obviously when you are president nobody dares block you, or even call foul. What could be the reason for the men only obsession? This blogger acknowledges that men make better “Yes Men” than women (ever heard of the term “Yes Women”? Nah!). May be, he is vary of the reputation the White House garnered from Monicagate and Eisenhover-Kay Summersby affair which go to show that powerful men in the most powerful office on earth are susceptible to matters of concupiscence.

Kurianchen Kuriakose is of a different opinion. A confirmed god-fearing (and loving) Marxist he says, “All this shows the unmitigated rot in the Imperialistic/Democratic system. Who knows what skeletons lie hidden in the closets of the leaders of the Indian pantheon.”


ms said...

john, have you read "the man" by irving stone? it tells of an african-american president, much before anyone ever dreamt it would happen. the most poignant scene in it: the prez calls his secretary in to take some dictation, and when she enters and takes her seat, he gets up to keep the door open. it is only when she gets up and shuts it, that stone's point is driven home. powerful men have to be on guard against scandal every moment they hold office. like every napolean has his waterloo.
re kuriakose, so true. there was a time when our defence minister, chief minister (i will not mention states) had more than 30 civil and criminal cases pending against them. some have even contested elections from behind bars and - won!! our past leaders' indiscretions are legendary - and the present ones, too many to mention. in the west, a single whiff of scandal and one can kiss their political dreams goodbye. here, "sab chalta hai" attitude prevails.

ms said...

irving wallace, not irving stone. my mistake.