Thursday, August 06, 2009

Artiste Village Rich in Bio-diversity

(A view of the bio-diversity from my terrace.)

This document lists the ambitious Nature Park plan that the Maharashtra Government is envisaging for New Bombay in collaboration with Bombay Natural History Society. In Biodiversity Richness Artiste Village (where I live) is on top spot with a bio diversity score of 379 elements (including: amphibians, birds, reptiles, insects, plants, invertebrates, fishes, mammals, etc.) in the bio-diversity metre. Yay!

Does it mean I live in a forest? Yes, I am told I live inside a tropical rain forest. See picture.

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ms said...

i wish many such areas would attract the attention of the Natural History Society. also hoping that the developers never discover your haven. credit to all of you for protecting your environment and letting all 379 elements flourish. envy you, really.