Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Technical Mumbo Jumbo!

In my profession of providing content to corporates there's a lot of jargon which keeps being duplicated without thought. I would like to point out one such instance here....

In our partnership with these prestigious organizations, xxxxxxx delivers workflow and knowledge support [hmm...] to smooth “handoffs” [hands off?] between physicians, nurses, managers and other members of the healthcare team. [Hmmmmpppppp...] We help bring them the pertinent evidence-based content [what's that?] and patient-specific information they need — anytime, anywhere, on virtually any computer device [can't believe this] — to make the best-possible decisions for each patient.

Guess brevity is not a virtue for corporate content providers. In fact, Anthonybhai would be offended. "What's all this bullshit men, what "handoff", you, tho, men, are the limit men, sachi, no?"

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