Monday, April 06, 2009

A Bit Wobbly... I Am Off to Bed....

A bit indisposed, guess it is something I ate, so a short takes today, as I have this urge to lie down and sleep which I am fighting, you know, it’s been a hard day’s night and all that.... Also the heat is taking its toll. I feel dehydrated all the time. So here goes:

I am not boasting okay, so don’t take it amiss. I don’t believe in idle protests which get me nowhere so I take my issues with the biggest people in the land, i.e., ministers, general managers, directors, secretaries and the like. Sometime back I had written to Lalloo Yadav regarding the badly maintained rakes in Mumbai and here’s my blog report.

Subsequent to this I got a reply from the Western Railway which is reproduced in the above post. Since I hadn’t heard from Central Railway on which I travel most of the time I wrote again to the minister with a copy to the general manager of Central Railway.

Imagine my surprise when a few days back I rode on a new rake (usually the rakes are very old) on the central railway on my way to work. Also the seats in the other compartments are being overhauled, new seats are replacing the old sagging ones, things are improving.

No, no, no, people, I am not boasting, it feels good to be a part of some change, at least. I did my bit instead of hanging my head and doing nothing.

En Passant....

We Indians are notorious for our disobedience of queues. I take great pains to see that there’s a proper queue at CBD Belapur rickshaw stand every night when I return from work. But people won’t obey my flustered waving. They prefer to stand in a zig-zagging line which clearly intercepts a road that leads to the station, and, obviously, when a vehicle comes across, they have to break the queue and the queue goes for a toss and is a huddling mass of people. So anything goes.

I get dirty looks when I try to organise the queue and today an amply-endowed South Indian Mami said to her bespectacled husband, “Pakrango, queue-il nilkan solrae,” or, something such (my Tamil is bad, no, in fact, horrible). Harmless statement this but the look said it all. The ample Mami was holding up the entire traffic and the Mama was struggling with the bags. But still they wouldn’t observe queue rules. My story on queues is here.

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