Friday, April 10, 2009

Hypocrisy in Online Forums!

Of the many forums I am a member a fight is brewing in a forum of writers discussing books and authors, and as is expected the exchanges are nothing short of vituperative and virulent. One of them goes something like this:

"And yet because you are a member of this list we respond to your posts out of kindness and generosity without calling you names or labeling you silly and graceless. in other words we are showing more grace than you do."

Great! In such circumstance (of which I have seen many, and been in the midst of several, skirmishes, if I may call it that) everyone pretends to be generous, kind, graceful and the most tolerant. All very good qualities, doubtless. Maybe, a bit pretentious. But then why do you not exhibit these qualities? I think there's a basic hypocrisy here.

If we all pretend to be such paragons of virtue as generosity, grace, kindness then please, please, puhleezeee people exhibit those characteristics instead of just talking idly about it on your well-padded seats in well appointed (I presume) apartments.

Methinks we are so disgusted with our lives on terra firma that we desperately need to live another life to show that, no, we are actually good and believe in fairness, justice, kindness and generosity, qualities we would love to be known to possess. But life gets in the way of all our designs on life and we become hardened cynics. Therein lies the hypocrisy.

What say?

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