Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Thought that Struck Me about Criticism

A true measure of criticism is "can you create something better or more beautiful than the one you are criticising? Then do it and show us!"

After a writer spends hours, days, and years creating something of beauty, a critic tears it apart in minutes and it loses all value and relevance. So my question to all those who says "such and such should have been done", "it would have been better this way", "I would have done it much better", "If you could have done it better, why not make a beginning and do something, instead of just talking pfaff about it. Show us you have more than just wind in the digestive system waiting to exhale, show what shit you can put out along with, obviously, your farts."

This goes to all those slobby, thick-in-the-waist critics who judge short stories who haven't written a single decent short story, poem, or work of fiction in their mis-spent lives, who sit and judge short fiction, short shorts and such like. I know of a few idea-challenged deceitful scoundrels who like to pontificate loudly about fiction and literature and would like to ask, "what fiction have you written lately, can I have a look?"


@lankr1ta said...

John, Can you fix the font size on your log? It is very tine( as of right not) I cannot see a thing. said...

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@lankr1ta said...

Now it looks great!

I completely agree criticism should be constructive, not "let me take them down a notch or two"/

John said...

Thanks Alan, much obliged!